mikecrumpet-deactivated20130830 asked: could you write a kico!! it'll be the best!!!!!!!!!

"Fuck me, Kane." Nico whispered.

"No." He replied.

Nicoletta cried, how is she supposed to get pleasure when she can’t even do it herself?

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is making up good excuses on the spot so you dont have to go out considered a talent 

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why ride a rollercoaster when you can ride me 

Because rollercoasters can actually make me scream.


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Anonymous asked: could you please write a wayden one shot (prompt: the boys come third and william gets angery, jayden trys to calm him down and then it turns to rough sex)

"Will, we came third," Jayden reminded him backstage.

"Fuck, Jayden. Don’t you think I already know that?" Will raised his voice and Jayden flinched.

Will paced around the room, and hand in his hair and his eyebrows flexed together. Jayden watched him, his eyes worried.

"Sorry, Will. I know how-"

"WE COULD’VE WON!” He shouted, his voice echoing in the room. He kicked a nearby couch and sat down, his head in his hands. “What did we do wrong?”

Jayden was cautious when he sat down beside him, he hesitated as he placed his hand on Will’s back, and stroked up and down softly.

"It’s okay, babe. It’s okay." Jayden repeated soothingly until Will’s breath intake slowed down. 

He looked up at Jayden, and a smile reached over his face. He smiled back, and they lingered there for a while. 

"Thanks, Jay." Will said softly, and took his hand.

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for tamara

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'She Will Be Loved' Acoustic Cover — The Collective

Anonymous asked: I have a prompt! A Trulian where Julian is 13 and Trent is 15, and Julian has this teenage crush on Trent and in the end they both engage in whatever sexual activity you want, but it's lovey dovey fluff at the end. please i will actually die :)

how bout a prompt where they tie up keeda and leave her in a room full of dicks she cant reach 

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